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About the PTSL Collective

About the Collective

Pink Turf Soccer League is a not-for-profit organization and none of its collective members or volunteers are paid to organize and run the league. We rely on members of our community in order to function and would love for more members of the Pink Turf community to get involved by volunteering their time, expertise and enthusiasm to make playing in the league a positive experience for everyone.


The Collective’s job is to organize all elements of the league. This includes but is not limited to arranging permits and insurance, organizing player registration, sourcing uniforms and equipment, managing team formation, creating season and tournament schedules, recruiting referees, ensuring our league policies are upheld and running social events including our annual end of season banquet.

The Current Volunteer Collective

Kelly Sullivan

Kelly Sullivan

Project Coordinator

Amanda Cohen – Finances & Team Formation

Amanda Cohen

Team Logistics | Treasurer (interim) 

Betty Wood – Uniforms and Comms

Betty Wood

Communications — Social Media & Newsletter | Equipment Coordinator

Marcia Kwok

Allie Deegan

Team Rep Coordinator | Communications — Website

Marcia Kwok – Social Events Co-Ordinator

Marcia Kwok

Social Events Coordinator


Danielle Waters

Equity and Outreach

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 5.20.48 PM

Erin Singer

Arbitration Coordinator | Rules & Policies


Kaity Wickson

Social Events Volunteer

Want to Join the Collective?

We are always looking for motivated members of our league to share in the leadership and community building of Pink Turf. If you have played in PTSL at least one year as a member and are interested in taking on a leadership role with the Collective we encourage you to apply for any of our open positions.

We endeavour to provide PTSL with a Collective that is representative of our members – all PTSL players of every race, age and background are welcome on our leadership team. We will give preference to those who have played at least one year in PTSL and any members who have noticeably demonstrated the values of the league both on and off the field, possibly by having served as a volunteer in another capacity.

Collective members meet once a month for 2-3 hours between February to September (inclusive) and several times in the offseason. Please be aware of the positions on the Collective that are currently vacant and be able to demonstrate competency in the skills required for that position. Most importantly we’re looking for members who can foster team spirit and exemplify league values.

Explanation of Roles


Our Treasurer is responsible for the management of PTSL’s financial affairs. The role includes overseeing basic tasks, such as accepting payments from players’ registration, as well as paying invoices and reconciling bank statements, handling refunds and managing PTSL’s cash flow.

The treasurer is also responsible for organising our insurance every year – a legal requirement needed to comply with our permit application and to keep members of PTSL safe.

Current treasurer: (interim) Amanda Cohen

Vacancy: We’re seeking a new treasurer to help out with the current season, and to take over this responsibility going forward.

Skills required:

  • experience handling figures and cash;
  • experience with Google Spreadsheets and/or Excel;
  • an orderly mind and methodical way of thinking;
  • experience in dealing with budgets, financial control and cash-flows
  • have an eye for detail;
  • be available to be contacted for ad hoc advice;
  • commitment to the position and to the league
  • previous experience in a financial management position would be desired, but a willingness to learn and trustworthy nature is more important.

How to apply: 

Please email with the Subject line ‘Treasurer role’.

Team Logistics Coordinator

Pink Turf accommodates 250 individuals across 10 teams. We’re looking for a team logistics coordinator to join the committee and help us balance teams for ability and numbers.

The team logistics coordinator is an essential position that can be shared by two people. Together, they will be responsible for managing registration and our waitlist throughout the season, as well as overseeing team formation and selection.

Skills required:

  • an orderly mind and methodical way of thinking;
  • experience with Google Spreadsheets and/or Excel;
  • strong communications skills;
  • an understanding of our fair play policies and skills ranking system (which can be learned);
  • availability throughout the season to answer emails and manage new players entering the league after May.

Current team logistics coordinator: Amanda Cohen

Vacancy/ies: We’re seeking another team logistics co-ordinator to work alongside Amanda in organizing the teams for the 2020 season. This is a shadowing opportunity, with the chance to learn how everything works and expand the scope of responsibility and input going forward in future seasons

How to apply:  Please email with the subject line ‘Team Logistics’.

Equipment Coordinator

Have a passion for permits, balls, paint and keeping things neat in bins? This could be the committee position for you. 

We’re seeking an individual or individuals to take on the role of equipment coordinator, making sure that our players have everything they need on hand for a successful and safe season at Withrow Park.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ordering jerseys for the league from our supplier;
  • Ordering equipment for the new season, e.g.  nets, soccer balls, paint etc;
  • Making sure the storage bin is amply supplied with a first aid kit and ice packs throughout the season;
  • Liaising with team reps to make sure the lines are painted correctly and the field maintained;
  • Working with the PTSL project co-ordinator at the end of the season to apply for our annual permit;
  • Arranging storage for the PTSL bin at the end of the season.

This position is currently occupied by Betty Wood on an interim basis but would best be filled by several persons, splitting the responsibilities among them.


  • Managing an equipment budget;
  • Organizational skills and regular attendance during the season;
  • Access to a car (ideally);
  • An eye for detail, especially when completing order forms for jerseys and related invoices;
  • Ability to deal with ad hoc requests to replenish equipment when needed.

How to apply:  Please email with the subject line ‘Equipment Coordinator’.

Social & Events Volunteer

With 2020 being our 35th year, we think there’s no better time to celebrate the original founding principle of the league – to provide a safe, fun space for members of the 2SLGBTQ community. 

Our social and events managers are responsible for organizing PTSL activities throughout the season, as well as the pre-season registration event, the opening party and end of season banquet.

Currently, Marcia Kwok is responsible for social events, supported by Kaity Wickson. We would like to grow this committee and have more members involved in our community events, parties and at the field on an ongoing or ad hoc basis.

We also want to reach out to other organizations in the GTA to create collaborative events that can further provide for our members, e.g. Rainbow Hoops and Notso Amazon. If you play in another league and have an idea for an event? 

How to apply:  Please email with the subject line ‘Social and Events Volunteer’.


Our communications team currently covers the maintenance of our website as well as sending out our monthly newsletters, social media posts, press info and any miscellaneous communication tasks that come up throughout the year.

We are always looking for additional support as it’s a busy role that encompasses many overlapping elements.


  • Knowledge of Mailchimp, Facebook and Instagram, and affiliated platforms for creating and scheduling social media content.
  • Confidence using wordpress and its related plug-ins.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills: you’ll need to work closely with and between the other committee teams in order to achieve our goals.
  • Strong written communication skills that are appropriate for our community. Excellent grammar, attention to detail, confident tone of voice and a sense of humour.
  • Ability to use photoshop or similar programs.
  • Availability to respond to emails and tasks in a timely, ad hoc fashion.

How to apply:  Please email with the subject line ‘Communications’.

Project Coordinator

Our project coordinator currently provides an administrative role to assist in and manage the facilitation of other projects within the Collective. They should be able to take on additional responsibilities in other roles in case of emergency, as well as assist with all other roles when needed. This often comes in the form of being a second set of eyes on copy for social media, the website, and policy updates, scheduling meetings and preparing an agenda, taking minutes during meetings and sharing them afterward, along with a review of assigned to-do’s for Collective and Committee members, assisting with scheduling of communications when needed, and assisting with events support and planning as needed.

This role also liaises with practice coaches, referees, and goalies as applicable, to ensure smooth coordination during the season.  They also manage our Pink Turf email accounts and replies. In addition to all of this, our current project Coordinator Kelly has also been in charge of permits and insurance.  


  • Knowledge of email etiquette and communication, as well as Google Drive
  • Knowledge of Slack an asset
  • Ability to streamline and prioritize ongoing projects within the league
  • Able to diplomatically engage in conversations to explore all possible perspectives and points of view
  • Excellent interpersonal skills: you’ll need to work closely with and between the other committee teams in order to achieve our goals
  • Able to plan events as needed or offer logistical support
  • Strong written communication and editing skills that are appropriate for our community
  • Availability to respond to emails and tasks in a timely, ad hoc fashion
  • Able to fill out take the lead on items such as permit application when needed (with support)

This role is currently filled.

Washroom Allies

We’re taking the lead from our friends at Not So Amazon by introducing the #illgowithyou washroom buddy initiative for the 2020 season at Withrow Park to help members of our community feel more comfortable using its gendered washrooms.

We’re looking for volunteers to become buddies: if you’re interested in offering your time as an ally, please take a moment to read about the initiative. We’ll be providing pins/buttons at the beginning of the season to those individuals who feel they can help with this project, and will be gathering feedback on the success of this programme during its pilot year.

Register your interest by emailing with ‘Buddy’ in the subject line for more information.

Equity and Oppression Audit

Pink Turf Soccer league is open to women (cis and trans), trans people, intersex people and Indigenous two-spirit people. As part of our continuing effort to make PTSL a safe and welcoming space for all members of our community, we are undertaking a league-wide equity and oppression audit to identify areas where we can tackle issues related to racism, homophobia and transphobia in the league.

We welcome feedback from members of our community who can offer their experiences and insights in an effort to improve the league and make it a safe space for members of our community, especially minority groups and people of colour. This can be done confidentially using the form on our website or by contacting Danielle Waters, who is overseeing our Equity and Oppression Audit as part of our volunteer Collective.

For the new Pink Turf season we will be implementing the #Illgowithyou initiative and are seeking washroom buddies to help members of the PT community feel more comfortable using the public (gendered) washrooms at Withrow Park.

Submit you input by emailing with ‘Equity and Oppression Audit’ in the subject line.

Arbitration Committee Member

The Arbitration Committee helps to solve disputes that arise during the season involving members of the PTSL community who are in conflict. It’s an integral role to the running of the league as we endeavour to foster a friendly, inclusive and recreational spirit.

Erin Singer is chairing the Arbitration Co-ordinator for the 2020 PTSL season as the representative of the volunteer Collective. The Arbitration Committee will comprise no less than five and no more than nine current or historic members of the PTSL. 

The committee will be formed based on the availability of volunteers to attend a meeting as soon after the reported incident as possible, and cannot be related to or team representatives of those persons in conflict. Any volunteer that has a preexisting bias must recuse themselves before the Arbitration Committee meeting. 

The responsibilities of the Arbitration Coordinator include

  • Organizing the meeting and selecting its date, time and location.
  •  Notifying the members of the Arbitration Committee and selecting the participants based on availability and promptness. 
  • Contacting the PTSL members who are directly involved in the incident. This should include the complaint, the person whose behaviour is the subject of complaint, and witnesses for both sides who were present during the incident.

You can contact the Arbitration Committee at:

Holding Us Accountable

The PTSL Collective is bound by the same member code of conduct as any other member of the league, as well as the code of conduct for Team Representatives (when they are also volunteering with the league in this position dually) and the same confidentiality statement.

If you have found a member of our Collective to be in breach of this or any of the league’s codes of conduct, please write to Your concern will be considered immediately by our Arbitration Committee (which is made up of players from the league). If you wish to remain anonymous, please fill out our anonymous feedback form.

Please note that by reporting your concern anonymously, the arbitration committee will not be able to follow up with you directly. Any decisions they may come to may not be announced publicly.