Team Rep Responsibilities

Your Team Rep is the official point of contact for the team and should be approached with any and all concerns regarding games or functioning of the league. If, for some reason, a player cannot speak to her own Team Rep, she should approach a member of Collective or provide us with anonymous feedback form.

Team Representatives are expected to perform the following duties:

  1. Attend meetings with the Collective on an as-needed basis
  2. Assist the league with distributing jerseys to team players
  3. Liaise between Collective and Team members
  4. Communicate League messages to Team members
  5. Send weekly emails to teams to encourage participation and collect attendance
  6. Fill out a Game Sheet at every game and leave it in the equipment bag
  7. Take down, store, and Set-up nets and equipment on predesignated weeks (usually 2 per season)
  8. Assign a team member to perform these duties in her absence
  9. Provide leadership to the team and assist new players with learning the rules of soccer
  10. Provide directly or provide connection with another individual to support skill development when needed
  11. Encourage team building and socializing with teams after games
  12. Attend and/or promote fundraising and social events. Please encourage everyone in the league – not just your own teammates – to participate in League events and activities. The more people that come out, the
  13. more fun it is for everyone.
  14. Ensure equitable playing time, fair play, and help make all team members feel welcome on your team and in the League.
  15. Work with the Membership Coordinator to deal with attendance issues and get additional / replacement players for your team from the Waiting List if necessary.
  16. Help support and enforce any sanctions placed on individual members delivered by the Referee or the Collective (via the Arbitration‐committee).

The above list of duties and responsibilities undertaken by Team Representatives is not exhaustive. Since PTSL’s objective is to provide the best possible experience to Members, amendments may be made during the season.

If you have found a Team Representative to be in breach of this or any of the league’s codes of conduct, including the code of conduct for team representatives please write Your concern will be considered immediately by our Arbitration Committee. If you wish to remain anonymous, please fill out an anonymous feedback form and leave it in the PTSL equipment bag at the field on game day.