Game Sheet

Team Reps fill out a game sheet after every game and leave them in a folder in the equipment bag. The game sheet helps the Collective keep track of attendance, undeclared absences, scores, and agression (red cards & yellow cards). It is important that you fill out the sheet accurately every week.

Download a blank Game Sheet template.

Tips for filling out the game sheet:

– Information about YOUR team goes on on the left side, and information about your opponent goes on the right side.

– Please circle the winning team and their score.

– Please make sure to indicate with a “Yes” or a “Y” when a team member has been away that they “declared” their absence. When they did not declare an absence, please indicate with the word “NO” to clearly indicate an undeclared absence. Please do not use a “check mark” or “x” in this column because it can be ambiguous for us to understand.

– If a player is absent because of an injury, please “check” the cell “Injury” in the row for that player

– Indicate the goal scorers with the number of goals in the row with the appropriate player’s name

– When a player received a yellow or red card please “check” the cell or indicate the number (if multiple cards were given) and then indicate the reason for the card(s)

– Make sure to have your opponent team rep sign the game sheet

– Make sure to have the referee sign the game sheet

– Lastly, make sure to include the game sheet in the equipment bag at the end of the game, before you leave the field

Thank you!!