PTSL Collective

The Pink Turf Soccer League is non-profit and cannot exist on its own – it requires the hard work of volunteer collective members who work even in the off-season to bring a high-quality, queer-positive women’s soccer club to Toronto. Please see the following links for more information:

The League is currently organised and run by 11 members with the following responsibilities:


Japneet Kaur

Alisha Fournier

Cindy Shung

Social Events Coordinator

  • Coordinating and promoting social events during the season
  • Coordinating the year end banquet
  • Facilitating League presence on social media

Stacy Stix

League Mediations Coordinator

  • Maintaining and promoting league’s code of conduct
  • Act as the liaison for aggression and general league complaint resolution
  • Facilitating Arbitration Committee
  • Facilitate anonymous feedback
  • Team Rep & Collective member recruitment
  • Team Rep liaison

Charmaine Easton

Ana Oliveira

Dawn Lewis

League Treasurer & Registration Coordinator

  • League finances
  • Managing league insurance
  • Coordinating league registration
  • Coordinating jersey orders
  • Coordinating Team Formation
  • Game schedule
  • Wait list management
  • Play-offs coordination
Lizz Poser

Stacy Stix

Japneet Kaur

Dena Spencer

Alisha Fournier


Communications Coordinators

  • Reading and responding to the Pink Turf email (or forwarding to the appropriate Collective member and ensuring follow up is done)
  • Facilitating League presence on social media
  • Newsletters and Announcements
  • Acting as the liaison for cancelled games (calling Team Reps and notifying refs as appropriate)
  • Maintaining the Pink Turf website

Rebekka Hammer

League Logistics Coordinator

  • Coordinating and liaising with referees
  • Managing our field permits (regular season, make-up games, practices)
  • Coordinating field maintenance and repair
  • Purchasing equipment (paint, nets, balls, etc)
  • Coordinating nets & line painting
  • Managing league insurance

Stephanie Bell

Alex Tang

Membership, Scores & Attendance Coordinator

  • Member recruitment
  • Coordinating scores & standings
  • Team attendance management
  • Coordinating Team Formation (in liaison with Treasurer)
Ana Oliveira

Practice Coordinator

  • Organizes practices

Join the PTSL Collective

Pink Turf Soccer League (PTSL) is an adult recreational soccer league of lesbian, bisexual, trans, and queer positive women of diverse age, race, experience and athletic ability. PTSL is a non-profit sporting organization operated by a Collective of volunteers who endeavour to provide a league in which women can gain soccer skills, enjoy fitness and friendly competition. Our Collective and Committees are accountable to the members of PTSL and we work to bring them a high-quality, queer-positive women’s soccer club.

We are always looking for motivated members of our league to share in the leadership and community building of Pink Turf. If you have played in PTSL at least one year as a member and are interested in taking on a leadership role with the Collective we encourage you to apply for any of our open positions. We endeavour to provide PTSL with a Collective that is representative of our members – all PTSL players of every race, age and background are warmly welcome on our leadership team! We will give preference to those who have played at least one year in PTSL and any members who have noticeably demonstrated the values of the league both on and off the field, possibly by having served as a volunteer in another capacity.

Please make sure you read the section of this website regarding expectations and qualifications of the members of the Collective. Collective members meet once a month for 2-3 hours between February to September (inclusive) and at least once in the off season. Please be aware of the positions on the Collective that are currently vacant and be able to demonstrate competency in the skills required for that position… but most importantly – have a great team collaborative spirit and be known for fostering team spirit and league values!



The Pink Turf Soccer League is administered by a “Collective” – a group of members of the league who share and are motivated to work together to ensure the longevity of the league. In operating as a collective, all decision are consensus-driven and made on an egalitarian basis.


The Collective Members of Pink Turf Soccer League (PTSL) are drawn from our membership (Collective members should have played at least one year as a PTSL member and ideally volunteered one year on a sub-committee or as a Team Representative) and participates in regular meetings. The Collective functions primarily as a governance body, and the talents and skills of members are used to support our organizational directions.


The Collective will strive to keep membership at an “odd” number to ensure a tie-break vote on all decisions. The ideal number of members for the Collective is seven.


In addition to the qualifications of general members of the PTSL, Collective members must:

  • Be able to attend meetings
  • Be sufficiently skilled for the position in which they are applying
  • Foster an environment of respect and collaboration with their peers on the Collective

To join the Collective, a PTSL member must fill out an application form and send it to the PTSL email. The Collective will deliberate the skills of the applicant, appropriateness for the role in which she is applying and their personal experience with her and to what degree she is likely to foster the vision and goals of the league.


To be accepted as a member of the Collective, the individual must have received a majority vote by the Collective.


It is recognized that members of the Collective bring diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences. Members will not always agree with one another on all issues. All debates shall take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and courtesy. In addition to the general obligations described, each member also commits to:

  • Promoting sexual identity and gender identity inclusiveness within the league;
  • Promoting the recreational nature and encouraging respectful, fair play and encouraging individual development and fun;
  • Discouraging and intervening to reduce aggression on and off the field;
  • Upholding and demonstrating the spirit of the league and mediate concerns related to the policies of the league where appropriate;
  • Stating her ideas and beliefs to fellow members in a clear and respectful manner;
  • Where views differ from that of the majority of members Collective, members shall work together toward an outcome that is in the highest good for league;
  • Behaving in an ethical, exemplary manner;
  • Preserving confidentiality;
  • Being respectful of others in the course of his or her duties and not engaging in verbal, physical or sexually harassing behaviour;
  • Respect the authority of the team reps who organize the team they play on and provide support when called upon and where appropriate;
  • Respecting the policies of the league, including declaring all conflicts of interest and deriving no personal gain from being a Collective member; and
  • Willingly sharing the work and actively stating any preference for the roles in which she wishes to work


Once appointed to the Collective, members are expected to commit to one year in her role.


Collective members may renew their membership annually with no set limit to the number of years serving on the Collective.


Collective members may discontinue their membership on the Collective at any time but are asked to consider work load and allow for enough time to transition their responsibilities to another Collective members (suggested minimum of 2 weeks notice).

Should a Collective member be found to meet any of the below conditions that member may be relieved of her duties on the Collective:

  1. Not fulfilling her roles and responsibilities on the Collective
  2. Not fulfilling the qualifications or expectations of the Collective
  3. Breach of the league’s code of conduct
  4. Breach of the league’s confidentiality statement

Depending on the nature and the severity of the above, the Collective member will first be given an opportunity to improve in her role. If the issue is severe (in the case of a serious breach in the league’s code of conduct or confidentiality statement) the Collective may vote for immediate suspension or removal of the Collective member from the Collective.

Disputes regarding the discontinuation of a member of the Collective may be mediated by the Arbitration Committee.



Collective members will meet once per month during the regular and once every 2-3 months during the off-season season (unless otherwise agreed upon by the group).


Quorum will be attained when a majority (50% + 1) of members are in attendance. For a Collective of 7 members, quorum is achieved with 4 members in attendance. No decisions requiring vote can be made unless quorum is met.


Every meeting will be facilitated by a rotating chair either by a predetermined schedule or by nomination at each meeting for the next meeting. The Chair will be responsible for facilitating the meeting and her direction of the meeting shall be respected by all members.

Every meeting will be summarized in meeting notes that will be provided to the Collective after the meeting. These notes will be taken and distributed by a volunteer from the Collective and decided upon at each meeting.

Every meeting should include an update (standing item) from each Collective member.


High-impact decisions (those that will affect the entire membership of the league or more than one team) will be made only through input and vote from all members of the Collective.

Decisions regarding the change to scheduling of games, game times, or length of games shall not be made with less than 1 week of notice for league members (unless in extreme circumstance, such as weather or a death in the league).

Any decisions made “on the fly” that falls under the responsibility a specific Collective member will be at the discretion of that responsible member and such decision will be respected by the other members of the Collective.

Any discussions or plans related to the responsibilities of a specific collective member should be coordinated and discussed with that member (e.g. emails to the league should be facilitated by the Communications coordinator).

Any decisions which are sent by email for feedback to the Collective should be responded to by each member of the collective within a week; even if it is to say they trust the judgment of the person who is asking for feedback. If feedback is not received, the discretion should be left to those on the collective whose responsibilities most closely match the matter.


Collective members and Team Reps are required to sign and agree to not access or disclose any confidential and personal information beyond the extent required of her to perform her responsibilities and duties within her role with the Pink Turf Soccer League. Failure to abide by this agreement will be considered a Breach of trust.

Breach of trust is defined as inappropriate and intentional distribution of confidential information that has been brought forward to a Pink Turf member who has been entrusted with a role and set of responsibilities within the league.


PTSL strives for transparency in its operations. All decisions are made through respectful deliberation and, upon request, will be made available to our general membership. The league follows best practices for procuring services and purchasing goods and where appropriate and financially viable, we will endeavour to seek the services and support businesses that are queer-owned, female owned, and local.

Financial statements will be made available to the collective at each meeting. All financial decisions over $100 will be voted on by the full collective.