Attendance Policy

Pink Turf Soccer League (PTSL) expects that Members will attend all scheduled games for her respective team, with specific exceptions as allowed by PTSL as noted in this Policy. Members should commit to playing the entire season. The League may, at their discretion, deny membership in order to serve the best interests of the League and its members.
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1. Lateness
Players are expected to arrive in time to fully dress (uniform, protective gear, appropriate footwear), warm up and be prepared to start the game with their team.

2. Absences
Players are expected to communicate their schedule (to the best of their knowledge) to their Team Representative(s) at the beginning of the season. Players are expected to declare any absences at least one week in advance of their game.

Absences may be declared by means of e-mail or telephone to the Team Representative(s) . An absence is considered ‘undeclared’ if it has not been communicated to the Team Representative(s) before the start of the game. Undeclared absences are strongly discouraged.

– Four undeclared absences at any point throughout the season will result in the players membership being under review from the Collective and result in forfeiture of membership. Members can appeal this decision by sending an email or letter to the League Ombudsman within two weeks of notification that their membership has been terminated.

– Team Representative(s) are solely responsible for monitoring declared absences to determine the need for additional players on a team and, discuss if there are any on-going attendance issues with specific players.

– Players who have received disciplinary action (i.e. Suspension/Forfeiture of membership) will not also be penalized under the PTSL Attendance Policy.

3. Role of Collective and Team Representatives
Team Representative(s)are responsible for reporting absences by submitting the attendance sheet to by 5pm on the day following the game. Team Leaders are asked to work with the Membership Coordinator to deal with attendance issues and get additional / replacement players for their team from the Waiting List if necessary. The Collective will enforce this Attendance Policy and review the membership of any league member as deemed necessary. The Membership Coordinator will communicate with any member and their Team Representative(s) (captain, co-captain) informing them of the review and will provide a copy of this policy for their reference. Game sheets must be completed by both teams and given to the referee at the end of the game for review and signoff .

In addition, Team Representative(s) from both teams must sign off on the game sheet(s) after the match. Each Captain must submit the signed attendance sheet by putting it in the envelope provided in the equipment bag. At the end of the game, the Team Representative(s) responsible for carrying the equipment will take the games sheets and send electronically to

4. Role of Players
On game day, players are expected to arrive in time to fully dress (uniform, protective gear, appropriate footwear), warm up and be prepared to start the game with their team

5. Effect of Attendance on Eligibility to Play in Post-Season Games (Playoffs)
All players MUST play a minimum of 51% of matches in order to be eligible for any post-season play. Evidence of this MUST exist on the official game sheets.

Exceptions to this rule will be made to those players who have joined the league late in the season, as a result of being placed on a waiting list. Players are still required to play a minimum of 51% match of all matches that they are “eligible” to play in. For example, if a player started during the first week of July, with 10 games remaining in the regular season, they would be required to play 6 games. Exceptions will also be made for those who missed games to due illness/injury.