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Arbitration Committee

Arbitration Committee

Members of the Arbitration Committee are volunteers and can be team captains and/or current or previous members of the PTSL.

The Arbitration Committee will be composed of no less than five and no more than nine members or previous members of the PTSL. The committee will be formed based on the availability and promptness in which the members can attend a meeting. A list of up to 15 Arbitration Committee volunteers will be maintained and selected from to form the Arbitration Committee for each individual incident. The Arbitration Committee Coordinator will select a Chair for each Arbitration Committee meeting.

The responsibilities of the Arbitration Coordinator include organizing the meeting and selecting the date, time and location. Notifying the members of the Arbitration Committee and selecting the participants based on availability and promptness. Selecting the Chair of the Arbitration Committee for each meeting based on a rotating list.

The responsibilities of the Arbitration Chair include contacting the PTSL members who are directly involved in the incident (complainant, person who’s behavior is in question) and inquiring if either party wish to invite a witness who was present during the time of the incident.

You can contact the Arbitration Committee at:, or fill out the anonymous feedback form below.

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