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Q. How can I register?

Pink Turf registration is done online. Please visit our registration page for more information.

Players who are registered before our registration deadline will be offered a spot on a team (subject to availability). At that time, the number of teams will be fixed, and players registering after that date will only be assigned to teams if there are open spots remaining on those teams. No new teams will be added to accommodate late registrations.

Q. What happens after I submit the registration form?

First we recruit ten Team Representatives. When we hit full capacity (250 players) we meet in early April with our new Team Reps to form randomised teams. Shortly after, team lists are provided to the Team Reps, who then contact their teammates to advise them which team they have been placed on. The pre-season schedules will also be posted on our website around this time.

If you register after the deadline, you will automatically be placed on the waiting list once we hit 250 players and will NOT be on any of the team lists. Players are placed on the waiting list in the order that they are received and will be contacted if/when there is a spot available.


Q. How do I know if you received my registration?

Due to high demand and limited availability, a player is only considered ‘fully registered’ when their fee has been received. Completing the registration form does NOT guarantee a spot. We send a reminder email to registered players who have not paid their fee with a final deadline.

If this passes without payment, their spot will be offered to someone on the waiting list.

Team formation takes place in early April, and players will then receive an email from a Team Representative confirming their team for the season. If you registered and paid before the deadline, and do not receive an email from a Team Rep by the third week of April, please check your junk mail. If you’ve checked your junk mail and haven’t received an email, check in with our Treasurer/ Registration Coordinator Charmaine Easton to ensure that your registration has been received properly.

Q. The Leagues is full. How do I get on to the waitlist?

To get on to a waitlist, complete the online registration. If a spot opens up, we will notify you.

If a spot becomes available, and you will be contacted via email/telephone. If you fail to respond to this request within a timely matter (i.e. 7 days), it will be deemed that you are no longer interested in joining the league and will be removed from the list, and the next player on the waitlist will then be approached.

If you are on the waitlist and would like to be removed, please contact the Registrar at Players on the waiting list should not make payment until they are contacted about joining. 

Volunteering at Pink Turf

We have a number of volunteer positions opening up ahead of the 2023 PTSL season.  Please visit our Volunteers page to see what roles are available and what they entail.

If you’re interested in one of the roles but don’t meet one of the requirements listed or have questions, Email us. These descriptions are a ‘wish list’, but we are eager to have support in these areas. If you are committed to the league and willing to learn, we will likely be able to find a way to make it work!

Q. Are volunteers on the PTSLC paid?

PTSL is run by volunteers who do not receive payment of any kind.

Special Requests

Q. Can I make a Special Request (e.g. to join a team with more than one friend)?

For a recreational league with varying skill levels, one of our primary objectives is to develop balanced teams. Special requests can severely complicate this process and they can also result in some teams being ‘stacked’.

To prevent this, we have adopted a firm policy that players are only able to sign up with one other player only (pairs only).

Players will not be allowed to sign up with two, three, four or more players under any circumstances. If you would like to sign up with a group of friends, it is suggested that you consider playing in other leagues that accept teams.

Absences and vacations

Q. We are planning to take an extended vacation this coming summer. Should I still register?

PTSL requires a player to attend 51% of regular season games during the summer season in order to play in the playoffs. If a player misses more than 51% of games and does not abide by the attendance policy, the player will not be able to play in the playoffs and may be removed from the team.

There are two main reasons for this.

First of all, it is unfair to the Team Representative and the other players on the team to have someone away for such a large part of the season. Second, there may be players on the waiting list who wish to play. Thus, we ask that you not register if you will be away for an extended period.

Q. We may have a conflict with other sports/activities. Should we still register? 

You are making a commitment to be at games and/or practices on a consistent basis. If you cannot meet this commitment, it is unfair to the Team Representative and the other players on the waiting list to take a spot.

Information for the current season

Q. How do I know if a game is cancelled due to bad weather?

Soccer is usually played in the rain. It is the referee’s decision to cancel a game. This decision is made at the field at the game start time and may be made for the safety of players, or for the longevity of our field.

You will be notified if fields have been closed and/or games cancelled due to bad weather as soon as it possible for us to do so. This doesn’t happen very often and it is usually because of continuous rain for a day or more or lightening. If a notification is provided, it will be via email by the League and/or via your team representative.

For this reason, it is important that you save the league email address ( as a contact, so that your email provider doesn’t send our emails into your ‘Junk’ folder. As well, it is a good idea to save your Team Representatives contact information to get in touch with them if you are unsure if the game will be cancelled.

In the absence of a field closing notification, Team Representatives and their teams must show up at the field.

If a game is scheduled, the referee shall have the sole authority to cancel the game due to weather. If a team does not show up to the field (in the expectation that the game will be cancelled), they may forfeit the game. If the referee does not show up within 15 minutes of the start of the game, the Team Representative may make the decision to cancel or proceed with the game based on the applicable League policies.

If a practice is scheduled, the coach(es) must use their best judgment in determining if they should continue or cancel the session.

Q. Where are games played? What facilities are available?

We play at Withrow Park soccer field which is located on Carlaw Avenue, just south of the Danforth. Carlaw Avenue is a one-way street going south and is located between the Chester and Pape subway stations.

Washroom facilities: There are washrooms and changing rooms located on the south side of the field. There is also an additional washroom facility north of the field and ice rink, closer to Logan and Danforth. These facilities are maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department and are not the responsibility of the PTSL.

Dog owners: We welcome our members to bring their dogs to games. We ask them to be aware that the off-leash area at Withrow park is at the south-west end of the park, directly west of the soccer pitch (down the hill). Dogs that off-leash outside of this area risk receiving a ticket. It is also an additional safety concern should animals run onto the field and disrupt play, therefore, we ask all players to ensure their dogs are safely leashed on the sidelines.

Alcohol policy: Due to the potential risk of losing our field permit – and therefore risking the existence of Pink Turf Soccer league – “Any member or guests of members found jeopardizing our permit by consuming alcohol or illegal substances on the field during our permit periods will be asked to leave the field. If the offending person does not comply then the individual’s membership will be under review by the arbitration committee and this may result in the loss of membership and/or the individual’s team may forfeit the following game.

Smoking policy: As of January 1 2015, it is illegal to smoke tobacco and/or hold lighted tobacco within 9 meters of playgrounds, play areas, sporting areas and spectator areas adjacent to sporting areas.

Practical information

When does the 2019 season run?

The season starts on the first or second Saturday of May and ends the last Saturday of September. All games are on Saturdays with games being played between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. Games will take place every weekend (including long weekends) except for Pride Weekend. The first game must start at 9:00 am sharp to ensure all following games begin promptly at their scheduled times. It is recommended that players arrive 15-20 minutes before their scheduled game time.

How long does a game last? Will there be a break?

Games consist of two 40-minute halves (with a 10-minute half-time break) and are officiated by accredited referees. By agreement of the team representatives and referees at the start of the game, 5-minute water breaks may be used within each half. Once this decision is made, only by agreement of both team representatives and the referee can the water breaks be rescinded.

A minimum of seven players per team is required to play. Should a team have insufficient players at the scheduled start time, the team will be allowed an additional 15 minutes for players to take the field. If during the 15-minute period sufficient players are dressed and on the field, the match will begin and the delay time deducted equally between the halves. After 15 minutes, the team that did not have sufficient attendance will default the game and a forfeit will be recorded.

End of season events

Q. Where and when is the end of season banquet?

We usually hold our end of season banquet at the 519 in Toronto. Members will be advised of the details and particulars of the end of season banquet before the end of the season. The cost of the event is included in the registration fee for members, but guests may also attend if they purchase a ticket.

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