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We are an adult non-profit recreational soccer league of lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer positive women of diverse age, race, experience and athletic ability. The Pink Turf Soccer League (PTSL) Collective organizes and operates a recreational soccer league in which women can gain soccer skills, enjoy fitness and friendly competition. This league does not run itself; it requires volunteers who offer their time, knowledge or skill in order that PTSL continues to be a league.

The registration fee for this league covers the expenses of the field, referee, uniforms, equipment (nets and balls) and the organization of the season. If you have any comments, suggestions or concerns about your soccer experience, please email our collective at

What is Recreational Soccer?

“Recreational soccer” may mean different things to different people. Below is the definition PTSL uses to define and understand “recreational soccer”.

Pink Turf is a recreational soccer league. While there are a few different ways to operate a recreational league, PTSL upholds the following principles which are common to most recreational leagues:

  • We do not use try-outs or recruit members in any way for our teams and in fact, we do not have any preference for members based on their skill level when forming our league
  • We accept any registrant so long as they are over 18 years of age, have paid the fees, are in good standing with the league, and the league has not surpassed 250 members
  • We use a blind process whereby we roster our teams anonymously and equally solely based on self-rated skill level and position preference
  • We expect players to attend at least one-half of all games in the season except if they are injured or are ill
  • We change our rosters every year

The goal of the league is to create an atmosphere which allows players of all levels to experience and enjoy the game of soccer. Keeping league play a positive experience for everyone is paramount and will serve to sustain the league for many years to come. Our goal each and every season is to make all players feel welcome while promoting equity, fair play, respect and fun.

To support this, PTSL members are expected to adhere to our aggression policy and we require our members to sign a code of conduct with their registration to encourage sportsmanship, respect for all players, and having fun.

Many recreational leagues have season standings and play-offs to spark friendly competition among teams. Pink Turf is currently one of them, although it has not always chosen to in the past. Due to popularity, we have reintroduced season standings and play-offs in the past few years.

If you would like to see how Pink Turf compares to other recreational leagues, please check the following links:

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Pink Turf Soccer League Spirit

  • Remember the variation of skill from a woman in her 50’s who has never played soccer before to the elite player
  •  Remember your opponent this year may become your teammate next year
  • Let the ref make the call
  • Use encouraging language
  • Remember it’s about brunch NOT soccer!
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt

Remember the Terms of your Pink Turf Membership.

Read the PT Fair Play Policy Here

In games like soccer, sometimes spirit runs high, issues may arise during a game.

We encourage you to TALK it out:

TALK to the other player

TALK to your (or any) Team Rep

You have additional supports:

TALK to a Fair Play People – Michelle Crispe, Dena Spencer, Annie Wilkin

And if necessary:

NOTIFY the Arbitration Committee

Do your part to uphold the spirit of the league. You have support and resources available to you.

Understand the rules of soccer here.

Go to league practices to work with the Collective’s Practice Coordinator and improve your knowledge of the game.

We are actively recruiting for the following positions:

soccer kick

Arbitration Committee
As you are aware, last season we put in place an Aggression Policy in hopes of reducing incidents within the league and to encourage the positive recreational spirit of the Pink Turf Soccer League. In order to enforce this policy we are asking for additional volunteers who are interested in sitting on our Arbitration Committee. We are hoping that these volunteers have some experience/related experience in any of the following: advocacy, mediation, social work, human resources etc. Responsibilities of the committee members will include:

  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills
  • Maintain a positive, non confrontational attitude
  • Practice and model the behaviours in the code of conduct
  • Respond promptly to a request from the collective
  • Be available in person for an arbitration committee meeting within a two week period of the request

To volunteer for the arbitration committee, please contact us at